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You Can Now Have NASCAR Track Food Delivered Straight To Your Door – Sort Of

Ryan, A. (2021, August 29). You can now have nascar track food delivered straight to your door – sort of. Whiskey Riff. https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2021/08/29/you-can-now-have-nascar-track-food-delivered-straight-to-your-door-sort-of/.


Have you ever been laying on your couch on Sunday watching a race and wish you could complete the experience with a concession stand hot dog and some greasy fries?

I mean, probably not.

But if you have, well, you’re in luck.

NASCAR has announced the launch of NASCAR Refuel, a virtual restaurant brand that will allow you to order staples of their tracks’ concession stand menus and have them delivered right to your door, all over the country.

The NASCAR Refuel menu features staples from 12 different tracks across the country, like Daytona’s Firecracker Dog, Darlington’s Pimento Cheese Sandwich, and Talladega’s Talla-Mento Dogwich.

The virtual restaurant is being rolled out in select cities, with more to come later, and can be ordered from DoorDash or through the NASCAR Refuel website or app.

Now, I’m not sure yet how I feel about this. I mean, I’ve been to plenty of NASCAR races and never once have I been so blown away by the food that I wanted it when I got home.

Is it adequate? Sure. Is it good when you’re drunk and don’t care what you’re putting into your body? Absolutely.

But when I have literally hundreds of other choices at my fingertips, is it going to be my go-to? Probably not.

There IS one track concession stand staple, though, that fans really want to see on the NASCAR Refuel menu: The famous Martinsville hot dog.

If you’ve never been to Martinsville or had a hot dog there, these things are legendary. Famous for their bright red/pink color and only setting you back $2 a pop, the track can go through a staggering 70,000 hot dogs in a single weekend.

Hell, even the drivers and NASCAR executives will hop over to the concession stand for one of these bad boys.

So naturally, the question on everybody’s mind when NASCAR Refuel was announced was: Can I get a Martinsville Hot Dog?

Well it looks like you may be in luck if it’s the Martinsville hot dog that you’re craving, because NASCAR Refuel says they’re working on adding those to the menu soon.

It’s definitely an interesting idea – and they’ll be partnering with local restaurants to produce the new virtual-kitchen menu items, so it’s an added revenue stream for businesses that have had a rough time over the past year and a half.

I mean, hell, if nothing else, these look like some great hangover food options.