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DoorDash Delivers Track Menu Favorites Through NASCAR Refuel

Mulloy, T., & Mulloy, T. (2021, September 9). DoorDash delivers track Menu Favorites Through NASCAR REFUEL. CStore Decisions. Retrieved September 17, 2021, from https://cstoredecisions.com/2021/09/09/doordash-delivers-track-menu-favorites-through-nascar-refuel/.

Racing enthusiasts and food fans alike can now sample menu items from a dozen NASCAR racing venues thanks to NASCAR Refuel, the first-ever virtual restaurant brand paired with a national spectator sporting organization.

The effort is a collaboration of Virtual Dining Concepts in partnership with NASCAR and DoorDash. The launch comes exclusively through DoorDash or via the NASCAR Refuel app and the official website – both powered by DoorDash’s white label fulfillment platform, DoorDash Drive.

“Every weekend, fans visit iconic NASCAR tracks across the United States, experiencing the roar of engines, side-by-side racing, family fun and the overall spectacle our great sport has to offer,” said Chip Wile, NASCAR senior vice president and chief track properties officer. “It’s a pleasure to offer our fans NASCAR Refuel, so we can bring a piece of the track experience, our delicious dishes inspired by our entire track portfolio, to them.”

Fans, spectators and foodies alike can get the feeling of the racetrack all year round, whether watching their favorite teams compete on race day, or celebrating any occasion, while enjoying some of the most iconic NASCAR concession stand favorites.

Handpicked from 12 NASCAR-owned racetracks around the country, NASCAR Refuel’s delivery-only menu features “Refuel Combos” and individual items including classics such as the Daytona Firecracker Dog, Talla-Mento Dogwich, Darlington Pimento Cheese Sandwich, Refuel Burger and more. New menu specials highlighting regional classics inspired by NASCAR race tracks will be available starting at the kickoff of the 2022 season with special items being added on an ongoing basis. The full menu can be viewed here.

“As a NASCAR fan myself, I know the crowds on race day are there for the excitement of the sport, and of course for the food!” said Robert Earl, founder of VDC. “Our menu highlights specialties from NASCAR racetracks, so race fans can enjoy the NASCAR food experience year-round at home. With NASCAR Refuel, we are continuing our mission to assist restaurants by producing virtual brands that provide crucial added revenue, which is needed now more than ever.”

DoorDash Director of Partnership Marketing Vanessa Carr said the collaboration expands upon the delivery service’s multiyear partnership with NASCAR and reinforces our commitment to creating memorable experiences for fans and food-lovers alike.

“We are so excited to engage with the racing community through bringing iconic track experiences and the delicious food that fuels them to their doors,” Carr said.

NASCAR Refuel is now available for delivery in select cities across the country, with additional locations added on a weekly basis. Fans and consumers can place their orders three ways; it is accessible exclusively on DoorDash and also via the proprietary NASCAR Refuel app, available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play and directly from the website.

To order from DoorDash, diners can input their zip code in the app or via doordash.com to find their nearest location. As new locations are added, the website, NASCAR Refuel App, DoorDash and social media channels will update, so consumers will know when their area is within a delivery zone.

For more information and to order NASCAR Refuel, please visit www.nascarrefuel.com.